I’m not a big fan of Hurricanes.  They’re rarely made well, and even when they are, they’re a bit sickly sweet for me.  One of our regualar bar-visiting friends is fond of them, but I’m always a bit ashamed when I make one for him.  The recipe I’ve been using is just too cloying, and I hadn’t played around with adjusting it yet.

I was thinking about this, and also thinking about my days hanging out with pro wrestlers.  Don’t ask.  I always liked the high-flying lucha libre style, and the Hurricanrana is still one of my favorite moves.  Watch it.  It’s really cool.  It’s Rey Mysterio Jr.  Go on.  I’ll wait.

What would a Mexican version of a Hurricane look like, then?  Like a Hurricanrana, of course.

2 oz Reposado tequila (I used Cazadores)
1 oz orange juice
1 oz lime juice
.5 oz passion fruit syrup (Trader Tiki’s)
.5 oz cinnamon syrup

Shake ’em like you mean it, then garnish with a half orange wheel in a cocktail glass.  I don’t think this would hold up to rocks.

The cinnamon, orange, and tequila are seriously well-matched.  Might try dusting the orange with a little cinnamon sometime just for aroma.  This one went on the house menu without delay.