Thursday Drink Night challenge from this website!  Mission:  make a tiki drink with one German ingredient.  Bonus points for FIRE.  Bonus points?  Hell, why else would you even spend time trying this?

Mary Ann’s Revenge

1 oz bourbon (I used Bulleit)
1 oz Kümmel (It SOUNDS German.  But my bottle’s from Philadelphia.)
1 oz orange juice
.5 oz Trader Tiki’s passion fruit syrup
.5 oz Trader Tiki’s orgeat
two dashes Absinthe Duplais (It IS German.  It COUNTS.)
two dashes Regan’s #6 orange bitters
two thin slices fresh ginger
three brandied cherries
.25 oz 151 proof vodka or rum (I used Galen’s cheap, nasty-ass vodka)

Put everything except the ginger, cherries, and overproof vodka / rum in a cocktail shaker.  Ice and stir.  Strain over cracked ice into a rocks glass.  Skewer alternating cherries and fresh ginger slices with a cocktail pick and balance it on the glass rim.  Pour a little of the overproof booze over the skewer and IMMEDIATELY light on fire.

Why ‘Mary Ann’s Revenge’?  Because it’s fun to set ginger on fire.