I go through new favorite cocktails quicker than Charlie Sheen goes through enough rock to decorate a small aquarium.  But the Martinez.  Oh, how I always come back to the Martinez.  Ransom Old Tom, Carpano sweet vermouth, Regan’s orange bitters, and a dash of maraschino…  oh yes.  That’s my favorite liquor pron.

Once a year or so, we buy tickets to the Mariners’ Diamond Club.  It’s an ultra-swank adventure that involves paying an appalling amount of money up front to dine hours before the game in a private club, sit right behind home plate, have everything you could possibly want brought to your seat, and attempt to eat and drink the cost of the ticket.  (Good luck.)  Last year, Edgar Martinez was hanging out in the club, hawking his new mezcal, El Zacatecano.  FREE SAMPLES!  Aw yeah.

So I don’t know what the hell to do with mezcal.  I picked up a bottle of El Zacatecano Jovan (the cheapest stuff) to play with.  I am no Andrew Bohrer.  It’s been sitting up in the cabinet, enviously watching the tequila go out on the occasional date, refusing to stop smoking, and beating the crap out of the French liqueurs for the lulz.

We went to Tilth last week for our friend’s birthday.  They’re known well locally for creative, high-quality organic cuisine.  In other words, I was thinking yeah.  It’s a wine night.  But surprise!  Their cocktail menu was interesting.  And lo and behold, the Edgar Martinez.  A Martinez with Edgar’s mezcal!  Brilliance!  Even more brilliance after you’ve had a couple!

I can’t say I’ve really figured out what they did.  Their drink was a bit lighter than this one.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t use Carpano, and they probably used the aged mezcal rather than the Jovan I have.  But screw it.  I love Carpano.  Adjust this one to your liking; it’s as close as I’m getting for now.

The Edgar Martinez

2oz El Zacatecano Jovan mezcal
1 oz Carpano sweet vermouth
two dashes Regan’s orange bitters
two dashes maraschino liqueur

Combine everything in a shaker with ice and stir.  Strain into a coupe.  Flame an orange peel over the top of it.  Pretend the Mariners don’t still suck this year.  Convince yourself again that it will get better next year.  Start thinking about how much it will cost for your share of the season tickets again later this year.  Make two or three more drinks.

Video this time (click eet!), because we got hold of a good orange to flame.  (I know.  I should be using a proper lighter.  Sue me.)  If you don’t know how to do this, learn.  It’s easy.  It’s fire.  People will go OOOOH.  What’s not to like?

  • Cut a circular wedge of orange peel from a firm, thick-skinned orange.  (Sounds dirty.)
  • Heat the circle by exposing the orange-colored side to the blue part of the flame.
  • Grasp the circle by the edges with your thumb and forefingers, orange-colored side out.
  • Light the flame in front of it, over the drink, and squeeze.
  • Call the fire department if you were keeping your overproof rum too close.

Oh yeah.  Do this at your own risk.  Or don’t.  Because it would make an awesome segment on 1,000 Ways to Die.