Busy week.  No time for cocktail concocting until today, but lots of time to think about what to try.  So let me introduce to you…

Sergeant Pepper
2 oz Tanqueray 10 gin
1 oz lemon
.5 oz St Germain
.5 oz Canton ginger liqueur
Sprig of basil
Black pepper

Shake, shake, shake, shake the basil, gin, lemon, St Germain, and Canton.  Twist and shout.  Strain into a frosty cocktail glass.  Grind some black pepper over a lemon wheel and float it on top.  Work it on out.

I’ve been a big Beatles fan since… forever.  I actually ran into Paul McCartney back in the 80s while living in London.  There’s video evidence.  See if you can spot the scruffy blonde with the bad mullet.  Long story.