The only thing that got us off the couch today was going to the new premier liquor store in West Seattle.  I thank our state legislature overlords for allowing us now to have more liquor choices.  Here.  Have some more tax money.

I’d been wanting a bottle of Gran Classico for quite some time, and I scored.  It’s very similar to Campari, but a bit lighter and less bitter.  Brandon at Needle and Thread once used it and Cocchi Americano to make something incredible for me, but I couldn’t remember what the hell he put in it.  So I made something up.

Lazy Day

1 oz dry gin (I used Beefeater – Aruba wasn’t cheap)
.75 oz Cocchi Americano
.5 oz Gran Classico
dash lemon
dash absinthe

Combine everything in the shaker with ice and stir.  Strain into a nice coupe, if you’ve got one.  Take half of an orange slice and warm / burn the rind with a gas burner, or just a lighter.  Float it on top of the drink.  Go drink it on the couch.  Watch reruns of reality TV.  Consider going to the gym.  Fall asleep.