You know what’s a good idea?  Checking the proof on the bottle of gin you just bought BEFORE  you put two ounces of it in a drink.  True story.  On our very last outing to the Sodo liquor store today, we picked up a bottle of Junipero craft gin.  Took a little sample sip at home.  Whoa.  HELLO, I’M GIN.  NICE TO MEET YOU.  But since I’m not so smart, I didn’t think that perhaps we were dealing with something greater than 80 proof.

Here’s what happens when you try to fix a drink you made with two ounces of 98 proof gin.

Pure June

2 oz Junipero gin
1 oz Orchard Pear liqueur
1 oz Cocchi Amerciano
.25 oz Earl Grey tea infused gin

Stir it all up and wonder what the hell just happened.  Strain it and feel sorry for that half a kiwi that’s been sitting on the counter since last night.  Give it a final, glorious shot at life as a garnish.  Take a sip, think that you might as well have made a Vesper for all the heat this little bastard has on it, and be really glad you aren’t getting up for work tomorrow.

Next up:  adventures in liquor privatization.  What new, strange world will Costco offer us?  I don’t know.  But I’m stocked up on weirdass liquor, just in case.